From the month of January is possible to request patents in the Principality of Andorra. This is possible since On 30 October 2014 approved a new Law of Patents of the Principality of Andorra, that substituted to the ancient the Law of Patents of 10 June 1999 %or2013 that did not arrive never to apply – and on 22 July 2015, approved the Regulation of corresponding Execution.

This new Law has developed harmonised with the community right European and so that it facilitate the adhesion of the Principality of Andorra to the international treaties more important in matter of patents, as for example the validation of European patent or the adhesion to the treaty PCT.

In virtue of the new Andorran Law, the patents in said country adopt the format of mere tank of form, by what will not be examined of novelty. The application of patent can present in Catalan, Spanish, French or English.

It fits to stand out that, since Andorra already ratified the Agreement of the Agreement of Paris, exists a right of priority of 12 months from the date of presentation of the first application for the one who have presented an application of patent or a model of utility in a country splits of the agreement.

In the following links can consult the official texts so much of the Law of Patents as of his Regulation of execution:

Law of Patents

Regulation of execution